Does InVision DSM Support Figma?

InVision DSM and Figma are two of the most popular design systems available today, used by thousands of developers, designers and product teams to collaborate on creating better digital products. Both tools provide powerful features that help teams create high-quality designs faster and more efficiently.

But do they work together? Let’s take a look.

InVision DSM is a cloud-based platform that provides an all-in-one design system for digital products. It includes a powerful suite of tools such as wireframing, prototyping, user testing, feedback management and more. With InVision DSM, teams are able to quickly create beautiful designs that can be easily shared and collaborated on with other members of their team.

Figma is another popular design system used by developers and designers alike. It provides a web-based platform that allows teams to quickly prototype and collaborate on design projects. It also comes with an extensive library of components and templates for creating user interfaces, helping teams save time when designing.

So does InVision DSM support Figma? The answer is yes!

The two tools can be integrated via the InVision DSM API. This integration allows users to sync their Figma designs into InVision DSM so they can be viewed and managed within the platform. Additionally, users can also share their Figma designs with other members of their team directly from within InVision DSM.

In conclusion, InVision DSM does support Figma through its API integration feature. This means that teams can use both platforms in conjunction with each other to get the most out of their collaboration efforts when creating digital products.