How Do I Add a Drop Down Menu in Figma?

Adding a drop down menu in Figma is a great way to streamline user interaction. Drop down menus are an essential part of any project and mastering their use in Figma can be a real timesaver. While the process of creating a drop down menu in Figma is relatively straightforward, there are some key steps to follow that will ensure you get the best possible result.

Step 1: Create the Drop Down Menu
The first step to adding a drop down menu in Figma is to create the actual menu itself. You can do this by selecting the “Frame” tool from the toolbar and drawing out your desired size and shape for your drop down menu. Once that’s done, you can then select “Drop Down” from the “Insert” tab and add your desired options into it.

Step 2: Customize Your Menu
Once you have created your drop down menu, you can then customize it according to your needs. In Figma, you have access to a wide range of customization options such as color, font size, alignment and more. You can also add icons or images to your drop down menu if needed.

Step 3: Add Interaction
The last step is to add some interactivity so that when users select an option from the drop down menu something happens. You can do this by selecting “Interactions” from the “Insert” tab and then creating an action for each option in your drop down menu. For instance, when someone selects one of your options it could open up a new page or trigger an animation.


Adding a drop down menu in Figma is relatively straightforward but there are several key steps that need to be followed in order to get the best possible result. Creating the actual menu itself is just one part of it; customizing it and adding interactivity are also important considerations too. With these tips in mind, anyone should be able to create an effective and visually appealing drop-down menu for their project with ease!