How Do I Add a Map to Figma Prototype?

Adding a map to a Figma prototype is an easy way to give users an interactive experience when testing out a website or application. Maps allow users to get a better visual understanding of the layout of the product and can be used to test navigation, search functions, and more.

Step 1: Create a new frame in Figma that is large enough to contain your map. You can adjust the size as needed, but make sure it’s large enough to contain all necessary information.

Step 2: Insert an image placeholder into your frame by selecting “Image” from the left side panel. This will be where you insert your map image.

Step 3: Find your desired map image online and copy its URL. Then, paste it into the placeholder you created in Step 2. Your image should now show up in your frame!

Step 4: Adjust the size of your map as needed by clicking and dragging on its corners or sides. You can also reposition it within the frame with your mouse or by entering exact coordinates in the “Position” tab at the top of your screen.

Step 5: Add any additional elements such as markers, labels, or routes that are necessary for your prototype. To add markers, select “Marker” from the left side panel and then click and drag it onto your map image where you’d like it placed. You can also adjust its size and color as desired.

Conclusion: Adding a map to Figma Prototype is easy! Once you have created an image placeholder, inserted your desired map image, adjusted its size, and added any necessary elements such as markers or routes – you have successfully integrated a functional map into your prototype!