How Do I Add a Menu Button in Figma?

Adding a Menu Button in Figma can be very beneficial for those who are looking to create a more interactive user interface for their web applications. Figma is a powerful design platform that can be used for creating complex designs and interactions.

With its powerful design tools, it is possible to create a menu button that can be used to navigate through different sections of the application.

The process of adding a menu button in Figma is quite simple. All you need to do is click on the ‘+’ icon located at the top right corner of your screen.

This will open up the ‘Add Element’ dialog box. From here, you can select either ‘Button’ or ‘Menu’ depending on what type of element you wish to add. Once selected, you will be presented with options such as size, layout, style and other customization options.

Once your menu button is created, you can customize it further by adding text and images. You can also add icons and other graphics to make your menu button look more attractive. Additionally, you can also link the menu button to specific pages or sections within your application so that users can easily navigate between different sections.

Finally, after customizing your menu button in Figma, you need to style it using CSS. CSS allows you to control how elements look on the page including font size and color, padding and margins, background colors, borders and more. By styling your menu button correctly using CSS, it will look great when viewed from any device.


Adding a Menu Button in Figma is easy with its powerful design tools. All it takes is selecting either ‘Button’ or ‘Menu’ from the Add Element dialog box and then customizing it further by adding text and images as well as styling it with CSS. Once done correctly, this will help create an interactive user interface for web applications that users will find easy to navigate through.