How Do I Add an Image to a Component in Figma?

Adding an image to a component in Figma is a great way to give your designs a more professional look. It can also be used to provide context and visual cues for users when interacting with your design.

Figma has great tools that make it easy to add images to components, and you can even style the images using different techniques. In this article, we’ll show you how to add an image to a component in Figma and how you can use the styling tools available in the app.

Step 1: Select the Component

The first step is to select the component that you want to add an image to. You can do this by clicking on the component or selecting it from the layers panel. Once you’ve selected the component, click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the layers panel.

Step 2: Add the Image

When you click on the ‘+’ icon, a popup window will appear with a list of options for adding an image. Choose ‘Image’ from this list and then locate and select your desired image.

Step 3: Style Your Image

Once you’ve added your image, you can start styling it using different techniques such as resizing, changing its color, or adding filters. To do this, simply click on your image in the layers panel and then click on ‘Styles’ at the bottom of your screen. Here you will find all of the styling options available for images.


Adding an image to a component in Figma is easy and quick thanks to its great tools. With just a few clicks, you can select an image and start styling it with different techniques such as resizing or adding filters. Give your designs a more professional look by taking advantage of these features!