How Do You Add a Component to a Frame in Figma?

Adding a component to a frame in Figma is an easy task that helps you make your designs more efficient. Components are reusable items that can be used as part of your design, such as buttons, icons, and other elements.

When creating a new frame in Figma, you can easily add components from the left-hand side of the design canvas. To do so, simply click on the ‘Components’ tab and select the item you would like to add. You can also search for specific components using the search bar located at the top of this window. Once you have found your desired component, simply drag it onto your frame and drop it into place.

You can also create your own custom components in Figma. To do so, first select the item or items that you wish to turn into a component by either dragging a selection area around them or by holding down ‘Shift’ while selecting individual elements. Then right-click on any of the selected items and select ‘Create Component’ from the context menu that appears. This will create a new component out of these items which can then be reused across multiple frames or designs throughout your project.

Adding components to frames in Figma is a simple and effective way to streamline your design process and make it easier to reuse elements across multiple projects quickly and easily. By taking advantage of components, you will save yourself time and effort when designing complex interfaces.


In conclusion, adding components to frames in Figma is an easy task that allows designers to quickly reuse elements throughout their projects. By taking advantage of components, designers can save time and effort when creating complex interfaces.