How Do I Add Social Media Icons to My Business Cards Canva?

Adding social media icons to your business cards can be an effective way of promoting your business. Not only will it let potential customers and clients know that you are active in social media, but it can also help you build a larger following on those platforms.

To add social media icons to your business cards using Canva, first you need to sign up for a free account. Once you’ve signed up, open the editor and select ‘Business Card’ from the options.

From here, Canva will give you a range of templates to choose from. You should select one that includes all the necessary design elements you want on your business card.

Once you’ve clicked on the template of your choice, Canva will take you to the design page. On this page, look for the ‘Icons’ tab at the top of the page. This tab will have a range of social media icons that you can add to your business card.

When selecting an icon, make sure that it is in line with any branding guidelines or colour palettes that may already be established for your company or product. To edit the colour or size of an icon, simply click on it and use the options available in the top-right corner.

To move an icon, click on it and drag it into position while holding down the left mouse button. You can also rotate an icon by clicking and dragging with two fingers on a touchscreen device or by using two fingers on a trackpad.

Once all of your icons have been added and adjusted as needed, save your document as a PDF file so that it can be printed out in high resolution. If needed, Canva also offers printing services which make it easier for businesses to print out their designs without having to worry about setting up printers themselves.

Adding social media icons to your business cards using Canva is easy and straightforward. With its simple design tools and range of templates available, anyone can create eye-catching and professional looking business cards with just a few clicks.


Adding social media icons to your business cards is an easy way to promote yourself online while making sure they look professional at the same time. With Canva’s free editor software, adding these icons is quick and easy – just select a template with all necessary design elements required for your card; then look for ‘Icons’ tab at top; select an appropriate icon; adjust color/size if desired; move/rotate as needed; save as PDF file; then print out!