How Do I Add Text Styles in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design and collaboration platform for teams of all sizes. It’s a great tool for creating any kind of design, from webpages to logos to illustrations.

One of the great things about Figma is its ability to style text in different ways. Whether you’re creating a logo or designing an interface, you can use Figma to add various text styles and effects that will help make your designs stand out.

When styling text in Figma, you have two main options: using the Text Styles panel or using the Text tool. The Text Styles panel gives you access to all the available typefaces and styles on Figma.

You can quickly change font size, line height, leading, kerning, tracking, alignment, and other properties. You can even create your own custom text styles and save them for future use.

The Text tool allows you to apply more advanced styling options like shadows, fills, gradients, outlines, and more. You can also use this tool to add effects like drop shadows or inner shadows that will make your designs look even more professional.

In addition to these tools, Figma also offers some convenient shortcuts that can be used when styling text. For example, you can select multiple pieces of text at once and then apply a single style across them all with one click or keystroke. This makes it easy to quickly change the font or color of multiple pieces of text at once.

Using HTML

You can also use HTML tags within Figma when styling text in order to add additional formatting options such as bolding () or underlining () certain words or phrases. This is especially useful if you want to emphasize certain words while keeping other words in the same font and size. Additionally, using paragraph tags (

) around each line of text allows you to create multi-line paragraphs without having to manually adjust each line’s indentation level.

Adding different text styles in Figma is easy with both the Text Styles panel and the Text tool. Additionally, HTML tags such as , , and

provide extra formatting options that are not available through either of these tools alone. With these tools combined, it’s easy to create beautiful designs with unique typefaces and effects that will make your work stand out from the rest!