How Do I Change Frames in Figma?

Changing frames in Figma is an important part of creating digital designs. Whether you’re designing a website, logo, or app, you need to be able to change the frame size and shape to ensure that your design looks its best.

Figma makes it easy to do this with their Frame tool.

The Frame tool allows you to adjust the size and shape of any frame within your design. You can easily resize a frame by using the sizing handles located on each side of the frame.

If you need to resize multiple frames simultaneously, you can select them all and then use the sizing handles. You can also rotate frames if you need them to be angled differently.

If you need to change the shape of a frame, simply click on the Shape option located at the top of the Frame tool. This will open up a menu where you can choose from various shapes including squares, circles and rounded rectangles. Once your desired shape is chosen, simply drag it into position over your existing frame.

Figma makes it easy to adjust frames if they’re not quite perfect. If your design requires more than one frame, you can use the Align and Distribute tools located in the same toolbar as Shape option. This allows you to precisely align multiple frames with one another.


How Do I Change Frames in Figma?

Changing frames in Figma is quick and easy thanks to their Frame tool which allows users to resize frames by dragging sizing handles or choose from different shapes such as squares or circles. The Align and Distribute tools also allow users to precisely align multiple frames for perfect results every time.