How Do I Change the Background Color of a Figma File?

The Figma platform is one of the most popular digital design software available on the market today. It allows designers to create everything from logos to interactive websites and applications. One of the main features of Figma is its ability to customize the look and feel of any project. This includes being able to change the background color of a Figma file.

The first step in changing the background color of a Figma file is to find the canvas background color options. To do this, open your file in Figma, then click on “File > Canvas Settings” from the menu bar at the top of the screen. This will open up a window with several options for customizing your canvas, including a section for changing the background color.

In this section, there are two ways you can change your background color.

The first option is to select one of multiple preset colors that are available on Figma’s palette. This includes a selection of both dark and light shades that can be used as backgrounds for your projects. The second option is to choose a custom color by entering its hex code into the “Custom Color” field.

Once you have chosen a background color for your file, click “Apply” at the bottom right corner of the Canvas Settings window to save your changes and see how they look in your project. If you are not satisfied with how it looks, you can always go back and adjust it by selecting another preset or entering in another hex code until you get it just right!


Changing the background color of a Figma file is easy and straightforward thanks to its intuitive interface and design tools. Simply open up your project’s Canvas Settings window, select either a preset or custom color from their palette, and click “Apply” at the bottom right corner to save your changes! There are endless possibilities for customization so make sure to experiment until you find what works best for your project.