How Do I Change the Height of Letters in Figma?

If you’re a designer using Figma, you may be wondering: How do I change the height of letters in Figma? It’s actually quite simple, and can be done with just a few clicks.

First, select the text frame that you want to adjust the height of. Then, look for the “Text” tab on the right side of your screen. From there, you’ll see two options: “Text Size” and “Letter Spacing”.

To change the height of individual letters in Figma, simply click on “Text Size” and adjust the slider to your desired size. Keep in mind that this will affect all characters within that text frame – so if you want to adjust only certain characters, you’ll need to select them first before adjusting their size.

You can also adjust letter spacing by clicking on the “Letter Spacing” option within the “Text” tab. Here, you can make adjustments in increments of 1/10th of a pixel. This is especially useful if you’re looking to create a sense of hierarchy within your design or if you want to make sure that characters don’t crowd each other too much.

Finally, if you’re looking for more control over individual characters within a text frame, you can use Figma’s Transform Tool (which can be found in the top toolbar). Using this tool, you can rotate individual characters or adjust their vertical scale with precision – something that’s not possible with just adjusting text size and letter spacing alone.

In conclusion, changing the height of letters in Figma is quite simple – all it takes is adjusting either text size or letter spacing within the Text Tab or using Figma’s Transform Tool for more precise control over individual characters. With these tools at your disposal, designing beautiful typography has never been easier!