How Do I Change the Shape of a Picture in Canva?

How Do I Change the Shape of a Picture in Canva?

Canva is an online platform that provides users with a variety of tools to create stunning visuals and designs. From creating logos to designing posters and invitations, it is a great resource for anyone looking to create beautiful visuals with ease.

One of the great features offered by Canva is the ability to change the shape of images. Whether you’re looking to crop an image into a square, circle, or any other shape imaginable, Canva makes it easy.

To start, simply log into your Canva account and upload the image you wish to edit. Once uploaded, click on “Resize” in the top navigation bar.

You will then be presented with several options in terms of sizing and cropping your image. If you’d like to change the shape of your image, select “Custom” as your size option and then use the sliders or type in specific dimensions for height and width.

Once you have adjusted the sizing as desired, select “Crop” from the bottom right corner of your screen. You will now be presented with several options regarding how you would like to crop your image; these include various shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and more. Select one of these shapes from the drop-down menu next to “Crop” and you will now see your image transformed into its new shape!

You can also customize further by adjusting how much padding (space) surrounds your newly shaped image. To do this, simply click on “Padding” located next to “Crop” in the bottom right corner of your screen; this will bring up a slider that allows you to adjust how much padding is included around your newly shaped image.

Finally click on “Apply Crop” once satisfied with all changes made. Your new cropped and shaped image is now ready for use!


Canva makes it easy for users to change the shape of their images quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or detail in their design projects. All it takes is a few clicks in order for users to transform their images into any shape imaginable – squares, circles, triangles – whatever fits their needs!