How Do I Create a Brand Board on Canva?

Creating a brand board on Canva is an incredibly easy way to capture and visualize your brand’s key elements in one place. Having a visual representation of your business’s personality allows you to easily communicate its core values and aesthetic to clients, partners, and potential customers. Brand boards are also useful for keeping track of existing branding elements and inspiring new ideas for future creative projects.

The first step towards creating your brand board is to choose a template from Canva’s selection. There are many different options that cater to different design needs and styles, so take your time to pick the one that best reflects your brand. It’s also important to consider the size of the board you want – Canva offers several preset sizes or you can customize the dimensions according to your needs.

Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to start customizing it with your own branding elements. This could include logos, fonts, color palettes, graphics, icons, photography and more – anything that represents the face of your business visually.

You can upload images from your computer or use any of the stunning visuals available in Canva’s library. You can also add text using any font or size you prefer; just make sure it follows the same style as your other branding materials.

When all the elements are added, it’s time to arrange them into an aesthetically pleasing layout that captures their essence in a single glance. Grouping similar items together will help create unity in the design and draw attention to key components with more whitespace around them. Make sure there is plenty of breathing room between each element so they don’t clash with each other when viewed from afar.


Creating a brand board on Canva is an efficient way for businesses to showcase their core values and image in one place. By selecting a template from Canva’s library, customizing it with branding elements such as logos, fonts and color palettes, arranging them into an aesthetically pleasing layout – businesses can easily communicate their story visually.