How Do I Create a Calendar in Canva?

Creating a calendar in Canva is a quick and easy way to make professional-looking calendars for any purpose. It provides an intuitive user interface, so no prior design experience is needed.

You can customize your calendar to fit your needs, with options for monthly, weekly, or yearly views. Plus, you can use it for personal or professional use.

To begin creating your calendar in Canva, start by opening the site and signing up for an account. After signing up, select “Create a Design” from the top menu and then choose “Calendar.” From here you’ll have access to all of Canva’s design tools to customize your calendar.

Firstly you’ll want to select your desired view: monthly, weekly or yearly. Depending on which you choose, Canva will provide several templates that you can select from. You can customize the template by changing colors or adding images from Canva’s vast library of free photos and illustrations.

Canva also allows you to add text to your calendar. This is a great way to add important dates or events that need tracking throughout the year. You can easily customize the font size and color of your text as well as formatting it with bold, underline, italicize and more.

When you’re finished designing your calendar in Canva, simply click the “Download” button at the top right corner of the page. From here you can save your design in PDF or JPG format so that it is ready to print or share with others.

In conclusion, creating a calendar in Canva is an easy and efficient way to make beautiful calendars for any purpose – personal or professional – without any prior design experience needed. With simple customization tools and plenty of templates available, anyone can create stunning calendars within minutes!


Creating a calendar in Canva is simple and fast – requiring no prior design experience! With customizable templates, text formatting options and an intuitive user interface, anyone can create stunning calendars within minutes!