How Do I Curve Text Around a Circle in Figma?

Creating curved text around a circle in Figma is an easy and effective way to create a unique design that stands out from the crowd. By using the ‘Convert to Curve’ feature, you can quickly transform any text into a dynamic, circular design. To do this, simply select the text you want to curve and click the ‘Convert to Curve’ button in the toolbar.

Once you have clicked ‘Convert to Curve’, a new menu will appear that provides options for adjusting the shape of your curved text. You can adjust the size and shape of your curve by dragging each of the four corner points. Additionally, you can manipulate how tight or loose your curves are by adjusting the tension sliders which are located on either side of the curve.

If you want to further customize your curved text design, Figma also offers a range of other features such as adding shadows or gradients for a more dramatic effect. You can also add multiple layers for additional depth and texture. Additionally, if you want to create an outline effect around your curved text, make sure to use ‘Stroke’ instead of ‘Fill’ in order to maintain crisp edge detail.

By combining all these features together, creating beautiful curved text around a circle in Figma is simple and straightforward. You can easily tweak each feature until you get the exact look that you want for your design project.

Conclusion: Creating curved text around a circle in Figma is an easy process that requires only a few steps. With its intuitive features and tools, it allows users to quickly create unique designs with ease and precision. From adjusting tension sliders to adding shadows or gradients for texture – mastering how to curve text around a circle in Figma is just one step away!