How Do I Embed Fonts in Figma?

Figma is a powerful online design platform that makes it easy to create and collaborate on designs. One of the key features of Figma is its ability to embed fonts.

Embedding fonts in Figma enables you to use the font in your designs, without having to worry about licensing or downloading the font yourself. In this article, we will explain how to embed fonts in Figma and how to style the text using HTML tags.

The first step in embedding fonts in Figma is to select a font from the list of available fonts. You can search through the list of available fonts or browse through them by category.

Once you have selected a font, click on “Embed” to add it to your project. You can also choose whether you want your project to be able to use the font offline or not.

Once you have embedded the font in your project, you can start using it in your design. You can set the font size and color, as well as adjust any advanced styling options available for that particular font. You can also add special effects such as drop shadow and embossing.

When styling text with HTML tags, there are three main tags that can be used: <b>, <u>, and <p>. The <b> tag is used for bold text, <u> for underlined text, and <p> for paragraphs. For example, if you wanted a sentence of bolded text with an underline beneath it, you would use the following HTML code:

<b>This sentence is bolded with an underline beneath it.


<u>This sentence is bolded with an underline beneath it. </u>;

In addition to these basic HTML tags, there are other more advanced styling options available for text when developing with Figma. These include setting line height, letter spacing, kerning and more.

By following these steps and using HTML tags correctly, you should now be able to embed fonts into your Figma projects and style them according to your needs. With these tools at your disposal, you should be able to create stunning designs quickly and easily.

Conclusion –
Embedding fonts into Figma projects makes it easier for designers to use specific fonts without needing a license or downloading them themselves. By following our steps above on how do I embed fonts in Figma and how do I style my text with HTML tags correctly, designers should now know how best to use these tools within their projects for stunning designs quickly and easily!