How Do I Export a Figma Presentation to Google Slides?

Exporting a Figma presentation to Google Slides is a great way to share your work with collaborators or colleagues in an easy and efficient manner. Figma is a design platform that allows designers and teams to collaborate on projects quickly and easily, while Google Slides is an online presentation tool that allows you to present your work in an visually appealing way.

Luckily, exporting from Figma to Google Slides is very simple and straightforward.

To get started, open up the project that you would like to export in Figma. Once you have the project open, click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of your screen.

From there you’ll see several options including “Export” and “Publish…”. Click on the “Export” option, then select “Google Slides (.pptx)” from the list of formats.

Once you select this option, a window will appear prompting you to enter a name for your file as well as choose which parts of the project you would like to export (i.e., frames, artboards). After making your selections, click “Export” at the bottom of the window.

The next step is to upload your newly exported Google Slides presentation into Google Drive. To do this, simply drag-and-drop the .pptx file into an existing folder or create a new one if needed. Once it’s uploaded into Google Drive, all that’s left is to open it up with Google Slides and make any necessary changes or adjustments.


Exporting a Figma presentation to Google Slides is simple and straightforward process that only requires a few steps. All one needs to do is select “Google Slides (.pptx)” when exporting from Figma, upload it into Google Drive and then open up with Google Slides for any final edits or adjustments.