How Do I Export From Figma Design to React?

Exporting from Figma Designs to React is a straightforward process. It allows developers to quickly and easily incorporate Figma designs into their React applications, allowing for the perfect balance between design and development. There are several different methods for exporting from Figma Designs to React, so let’s take a look at each of them one-by-one.

Method 1: Exporting Images

The simplest method of exporting from Figma Designs to React is by exporting images. This can be done by selecting the element/s you want to export, right-clicking on them, and selecting “Export”.

You can then select the file type you want to use (PNG, SVG, or JPEG) and click “Export” again. Once exported, you can simply add the image file into your React application using an image tag.

Method 2: Exporting Components

Another method of exporting from Figma Designs to React is by exporting components. This method requires more setup than the first one but allows for greater control over your design elements.

To export components from Figma Designs, you first need to create a component library in your project settings. Then you can select the elements you wish to export and choose “Export as Component” from the context menu. Finally, you can select which component library in which to save your exported components.

Method 3: Exporting Code

The third way of exporting from Figma Designs to React is by exporting code. This allows developers to quickly incorporate their designs into their applications without having to manually write out all of the code themselves.

To do this, simply select the element/s that you wish to export and choose “Export as Code” from the context menu. You will then be prompted with several different options for which language/framework you would like to use for your exported code.


Exporting from Figma Design to React is an easy process that gives developers more control over their designs while reducing development time. There are three main methods for doing this – exporting images, components, or code – each with its own pros and cons depending on your specific project needs.