How Do I Find the Color Code in Figma?

Figma is the world’s first collaborative interface design tool and boasts a wide range of features for designing websites, mobile apps, and more. One of the most powerful features in Figma is its color palette.

It allows you to build a harmonious and balanced color palette for your designs quickly and easily. But how do you find the color code in Figma?

The first step to finding the color code in Figma is to open the project you want to edit. Once you’ve opened the project, click on the “Colors” tab in the left-hand sidebar.

This will bring up a list of all of the colors used in your project. From here, you can select any color you wish to edit or find its code.

If you have specific colors that you want to find their codes for, you can use Figma’s search bar at the top of the Colors tab. Just type in the name of your desired color and it will bring up all matching results. Click on any result to view its corresponding code in both HEX and RGB format.

For more advanced users, Figma also has an Advanced Color Picker that allows you to pick a precise hue from anywhere on a color wheel. To use this feature, simply click on “Advanced” under your Color Picker tab (located at the bottom left corner). This will bring up an advanced version of your Color Picker with a range of options for adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness levels until you get your desired tone.

Conclusion: Finding your desired color code in Figma is easy with its intuitive user interface. You can either search for specific colors or use its Advanced Color Picker feature to adjust hue, saturation and brightness levels until you get just what you need. With these tools, finding the exact shade of any color has never been easier!