How Do I Flip an Image in Canva Mobile?

Flipping images in Canva Mobile is an easy way to quickly create a new look for your designs. Whether you’re flipping an image horizontally, vertically, or both, Canva Mobile makes it easy to adjust your images and keep your designs looking fresh.

To flip an image in Canva Mobile, simply open the image editor and tap on the ‘Flip’ button at the bottom. This will open up a menu with options for flipping the image horizontally, vertically, or both.

Select one of these options and your image will be instantly flipped.

Once you’ve flipped your image, you can further adjust it using the ‘Rotate’ tool. This allows you to rotate the image in any direction by tapping and dragging the dial on screen. You can also use this tool to fine-tune how much of the image is visible in each direction.

Canva Mobile also offers other useful tools for adjusting images including ‘Crop’, ‘Resize’, and ‘Filter’. With these tools you can easily customize your images to make them look just right for your design needs.


Flipping images in Canva Mobile is a quick and easy way to give your design a new look. Simply open the image editor, tap on the ‘Flip’ button at the bottom, select one of the options for flipping horizontally or vertically (or both), and then use other tools such as ‘Rotate’, ‘Crop’, ‘Resize’, and ‘Filter’ to further adjust your images for perfect results every time.