How Do I Get the Color Code From Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool used for creating user interfaces, websites and other graphics. It can be used to create high-fidelity designs quickly and efficiently.

One of the features of Figma is its ability to extract color codes from images and other objects. This can be useful for web developers who want to quickly get the exact color values for a particular component or element in their design.

To get the color code from Figma, you first need to select the object you want to get the color code from. This can be done by clicking on it with your mouse or by using the selection tool.

Once selected, you will see a menu appear that allows you to access various properties about the object. To extract the color code, click on “Color” in this menu.

This will bring up a pop-up window with various options for extracting the color code from Figma. The most useful option is usually “hexadecimal” which gives you an exact representation of the color in its hexadecimal form (e.g #FF0000). Alternatively, there are also options for getting an RGB representation of the color code (e.g R: 255 G: 0 B: 0).

Once you have selected your preferred output format, click on “Copy” and then paste it into your HTML document or CSS style sheet as needed. You can also save this information by clicking “Save as” and selecting where you would like to save it on your computer.


Getting a color code from Figma is easy and straightforward with its extraction tools. Simply select an object in your design, then select “Color” from its menu and choose your preferred output format (hexadecimal or RGB). Then copy or save this information as needed – making it easy to use in web development projects.