How Do I Import a Design Into Figma?

Designing a project with Figma can be a great time saver for any creative, as the program allows you to quickly import designs from other programs into your project. To import a design into Figma, you’ll need to use the File > Import… command and then select the file type of the imported design. Depending on the file type, you may need to specify additional settings within the dialog box. Once your design is imported, you can use Figma’s powerful features and tools to edit and style it.

To begin, open up Figma and select File > Import…. This will open up a dialog box that will allow you to choose which file type you wish to import.

There are a variety of different file types that can be imported into Figma, including JPG, PNG, EPS and more. Depending on which file type you choose, there may be additional settings that need to be specified in order for the import to work correctly.

Once your design is imported into Figma, you can begin editing it with the various features and tools that are available in the program. You can use these features to resize or reposition elements of your design, add colors or textures, apply effects or filters, and more. Additionally, if you have an existing style guide for your project or organization, it’s easy to apply this style guide directly within Figma by selecting “Style > Create Styles” from the menu bar.


Importing designs into Figma is an easy process that allows designers to quickly transition their projects from other programs into Figma. By using the File > Import… command and then selecting the appropriate file type for their imported designs, designers can customize their designs with powerful tools and features before saving them in their desired format.