How Do I Import a Figma File Into Sketch?

Figma is a UI/UX design platform that allows teams to collaborate on projects. It has become increasingly popular among designers, due to its intuitive and powerful features. One of the most important aspects of Figma is its ability to easily import and export files from other design tools like Sketch.

Importing a Figma file into Sketch is a straightforward process. Once you have your Figma file open, click on the ‘File’ menu at the top of the window and then select ‘Export’.

This will bring up a dialogue box that will allow you to choose which type of file you would like to export your design as. Select ‘Sketch’ from the list and click ‘Export’.

The next step is to open your newly created Sketch file in Sketch. You will want to make sure that all of the layers in your Figma file are present in Sketch, so it is important to check all of the layers before continuing. Once you have verified that all of your layers are present, you can begin styling your design.

Styling your design in Sketch is similar to styling in Figma, but there are some differences. For example, in Figma you can easily adjust spacing between elements with a few clicks, while in Sketch this requires more manual input. However, once you get used to how each tool works it becomes easier and faster.


Importing a Figma file into Sketch is easy and straightforward. All it takes is a few clicks from within the Figma interface and then opening up the exported .sketch file in Sketch itself. Styling designs within Sketch will require some adjustment due to differences between tools, but with practice it becomes easier and faster.