How Do I Link to Another Frame in Figma?

Linking to another frame in Figma can be a great way to create a more efficient workflow. With the help of linking, users can easily navigate between multiple frames and quickly switch between them without any hassle.

This can be particularly useful when working with complex designs that require multiple frames for different tasks. Linking is also beneficial for creating prototypes, as it enables users to link multiple frames together and easily view the entire prototype from one page.

To link to another frame in Figma, users can use the ‘Link’ option at the top of their design canvas. This will open up a menu with several options for linking to other frames or other locations within the same frame.

Users can also create links by selecting elements in their design and then selecting the ‘Link’ option. For example, if you want to link an image or text box on one frame to another, simply select the element and then click on the ‘Link’ option.

Once you have created the link, you can customize it by changing its color or adding comments. Additionally, you can add hotspots on images and text boxes that link directly to different pages or frames when clicked. To do this, select an element and then click on the ‘Hotspot’ option from the ‘Link’ menu.

In addition to linking frames together, Figma also allows users to create animations using linking between frames. To do this, users first need to create two separate frames with different elements or objects that they want animated. Then they can select each object in turn and link them together using the ‘Link’ option from their design canvas.

After setting up all of the links between objects in both frames, users can go back into each frame and set up animation timelines that will control how each object moves when clicked or hovered over. This is an easy way to create simple animations without having to code anything.


Linking is a powerful tool in Figma that allows users to quickly navigate between multiple frames and create animations without coding anything. To link two frames together, simply select an element and then use either the ‘Link’ option at the top of your canvas or select a hotspot if you want it linked directly when clicked. With these simple steps you will have successfully linked two frames together in no time!