How Do I Make a Progress Circle in Figma?

Making a progress circle in Figma is an easy way to show progress towards a goal or project. Whether you’re creating a timeline view or just want to show the progress of a task, this design element can help make your design look professional and modern.

Figma is a powerful and versatile design software, and it’s easy to make progress circles with it. First, you need to create a frame that will be used as the base for your progress circle.

You can do this by clicking on the “New Frame” icon in the toolbar and entering the dimensions you want for your circle. Once you have your frame, select it and use the “Resize” option in the top toolbar to make sure it is an equal size on all four sides.

Once your frame is ready, you need to add two circles inside of it. Click on the “Ellipse” icon in the toolbar and drag out two circles that are slightly smaller than your frame (you can adjust their size using the “Resize” option if needed).

The first circle will represent the progress made so far, while the second one will represent what needs to be done. Make sure they are centered within your frame by using either the “Align” or “Distribute” options in Figma’s top toolbar.

Once both circles are in place, select them both and click on “Fill & Stroke” option in Figma’s right-hand panel. Here, choose a color for each of your circles that best represents their purpose (i.e., green for progress made so far and red for what needs to be done). Make sure they are both set to 100% opacity as well so that they are completely visible within your frame.

Now comes adding animation! Select both of your circles again and click on “Animate” option from Figma’s right-hand panel.

Here you can set up keyframes with different positions for each circle (for example, one at 0% and one at 50%) along with duration time between each keyframe point (so how long it should take for one circle to move from 0% to 50%). Finally, select all of your elements (the two circles plus any other objects) and click on “Group” icon from Figma’s top toolbar; this will ensure everything stays together when you move or resize them later on down the line.

Conclusion: With these few steps, anyone can create an eye-catching progress circle that looks great within any design project they’re working on in Figma! While there may be some trial-and-error involved while getting animations just right, once everything is set up properly it should be easy enough to create a professional-looking progress circle — even if you don’t have much experience working with design software!