How Do I Organize My Files in Figma?

Organizing your files in Figma is an essential task for anyone who is working on a collaborative project. By taking the time to properly organize your files, it will make it easier to find and access the resources you need quickly and efficiently.

Fortunately, Figma has a number of features that can help you organize your files.

Create Folders

Creating folders is one of the easiest ways to keep your files organized in Figma. Folders allow you to group related assets together, making them easier to find and access when needed. To create a folder, click on the “+” icon in the file browser and select “Create Folder” from the menu.

Organize Layers

Figma also allows you to organize layers within each frame. This can be useful if you need to group similar elements together or if you want to keep track of all the elements for a specific part of the design. To organize layers simply select all of the elements you want to group together and then click on “Group” from the top menu.

Use Colours

Using colours is another great way to keep your files organized in Figma. Colours can help differentiate different types of elements or draw attention to important parts of a design. You can assign colours to frames, layers, groups, or individual elements by selecting them and then clicking on the colour picker icon in the top menu.

Tag Files

Tags are another great way to keep your files organized in Figma. Tags allow you to categorize different types of assets so they are easier to identify later on. To tag a file simply select it and then add a tag from the top menu.

Organizing your files in Figma doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. By taking advantage of features like folders, layer organization, colours, and tags, you can easily keep your files organized so they are easy to find when needed.


Organizing files in Figma is an important task that requires some effort but pays off in terms of better collaboration and faster access when needed. Taking advantage of features such as folders, layer organization, colours and tags helps ensure that your files stay well-organized for easy retrieval at any time.