How Do I Turn on Ruler in Figma?

Figma is a powerful program for designing and prototyping websites, apps, and other digital products. It has a number of useful features that make it easier to create high-quality visuals.

One of the features that is often overlooked is the ability to turn on the ruler. This feature can be used to quickly measure distances between objects, as well as create accurate guides for drawing lines and shapes.

The first step in turning on the ruler in Figma is to open your project and locate the “Ruler” tab in the top right corner. Click on this tab and you will see a small ruler icon appear in your project. This icon indicates that the ruler is now active.

Once you have enabled the ruler, you can begin using it to measure distances or draw guides. To draw a guide, simply click and drag from one point to another with your mouse or trackpad. You can also adjust the angle of these guides by hovering over them with your mouse or trackpad and using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You can also customize the appearance of your ruler by changing its color or size. To do this, simply double-click on the ruler icon at any time.

The Ruler feature in Figma is an incredibly useful tool for designers who want to ensure accuracy when creating designs.

By taking advantage of this feature, designers can save time by quickly measuring distances and creating precise guides.

In conclusion, turning on Ruler in Figma is an easy process that takes just a few clicks. Once enabled, it will allow designers to quickly measure distances between objects or create precise guides for drawing lines or shapes. Knowing how to use this tool effectively will help any designer save time while creating beautiful visuals.