How Do I Use an Iconify Plugin in Figma?

Using an Iconify plugin in Figma is a great way to add icons to your design projects. With the plugin, you can add icons from any of the many Iconify collections to a Figma file quickly and easily. There are several ways to use the plugin, and it’s easy to get up and running.

Adding Icons

To get started with the Iconify plugin, first open the Figma file in which you’d like to add icons. Then, click on the “Plugins” tab and search for “Iconify”.

Click on the Iconify icon to open up the plugin panel. From there, you can search for any icon within all available collections or browse through individual collections.

Using Icons

Once you’ve found an icon you’d like to use, simply click on it and drag it onto your canvas. You can change its size, color, opacity, rotate it or apply effects as desired. Additionally, you can also use the “Insert As Symbol” option if you need multiple instances of a particular icon.

Organizing Icons

When using multiple icons in a project or when using the same icon more than once, it is useful to organize them into groups for easier access. To do this with Iconify, simply select all of the icons you’d like to group together and click on “Group As Symbol” in the plugins menu. Now they will be grouped together in one symbol that is easy to access and manage.


In conclusion, using an Iconify plugin in Figma is easy and efficient. With just a few clicks of a button you can add any icon from any collection quickly and easily into your design project.

You can also customize them as desired or group them together for better organization. All-in-all using an Iconify plugin in Figma is an invaluable asset for any designer looking for creative ways to bring their projects to life!