How Do I View a Figma Mirror?

Figma Mirror is a powerful tool for developers and designers alike. It allows you to view Figma designs on your mobile device in real-time, making it easier to make changes and collaborate with others remotely.

With Figma Mirror, you can view Figma designs on your device as if you were viewing them on a computer. You can also mirror the design to multiple devices so that everyone can see the same design at the same time.

To view a Figma Mirror, first log in to your Figma account on your device. You’ll then see an “Open” link at the top right of the page.

Click that link and select the file you would like to open – this will be either a .fig or .figm file type. Once you’ve selected the file, it will open directly into Figma Mirror.

Once opened, you will be able to view all of your layers and design elements within the Figma Mirror interface. You can use pinch and zoom gestures to zoom in and out of individual elements or entire layers. On mobile devices, there are two different modes available – portrait and landscape – which allow for optimal viewing depending on your device orientation.


Figma Mirror also allows for collaboration between multiple people who are viewing the same design. Through online chat channels, everyone can discuss changes and ideas about how best to improve the design without ever having to leave their own devices!

Device Compatibility:

Figma Mirror is compatible with most modern iOS and Android devices, so anyone with an up-to-date phone or tablet should have no trouble accessing their designs on their device.


Viewing a Figma Mirror is easy – simply log in to your account on a compatible device, select your desired file type, and open it directly into Figma Mirror. From there you can use pinch and zoom gestures for optimal viewing as well as collaborate with other users through online chat channels.

With this powerful tool at hand, remote collaboration has never been more effortless!