How Do I Watermark My Photos in Canva?

Watermarking your photos in Canva is a great way to protect your images from being used without permission. It can also be used to showcase your brand or logo, and create a more professional look for your images.

There are several ways to watermark your photos in Canva, depending on what you need.

Using Canva’s Watermark Tool

Canva has an easy-to-use watermark tool that allows you to quickly add a watermark to any of your photos. All you need to do is click on the ‘Watermark’ icon in the left sidebar and select the watermark you want to use.

You can upload your own logo or select from their library of ready-made designs. Once you have chosen the design, you can resize it and adjust its opacity until it looks just right.

Adding a Text Watermark

You can also create a text watermark by clicking on the ‘Text’ icon in the left sidebar and typing in whatever text you would like. This could be your name, website address, or any other identifying information that you would like to include on your photos. The text can be formatted with various colors, fonts, and sizes so that it stands out.

Using Photos as Watermarks

If you don’t want to use text or a logo for your watermark, then you can also use an image instead. You can upload any image that you have saved onto your computer and adjust its size and opacity until it looks right. This could be something as simple as a pattern or texture, or it could be something more complex such as a logo.


Watermarking your photos in Canva is an easy way to protect them from unauthorized use and create an attractive look for them at the same time. Using Canva’s Watermark Tool, adding a Text Watermark or using Photos as Watermarks are all quick and easy ways of doing this.