How Do You Add a Frame Link in Figma?

Adding a frame link in Figma is a very useful tool for a variety of design-related tasks. It allows you to quickly and easily link frames together to create a flow or display the same content on multiple frames. It’s also useful for creating navigational elements, such as menus or other buttons that link to other pages or views.

How Do You Add a Frame Link in Figma?

Adding a frame link in Figma is fairly straightforward and only requires a few steps. The first step is to select the frame that you want to link from.

Then, click on the “Link” button located in the top right-hand corner of the canvas. This will open up a dialogue box with various options for linking your frame to another page or view.

You can either enter in the URL of the page you want to link to, or select from one of your existing frames within Figma. If you choose an existing frame within Figma, you can also add additional parameters such as zoom levels or background colors which will be applied when the user clicks on the link. Finally, click “Save” and your link will be created!

Once your link has been created, it can be edited at any time by simply clicking on it and making further adjustments as needed. You can also delete any links that you no longer need by going into the “Edit Links” menu and selecting “Delete Link”.

Conclusion: Adding a frame link in Figma is an incredibly useful tool for creating navigational elements and connecting different pages together within your design project. It’s easy to do and requires just a few simple steps – all of which are outlined above – so that you can quickly get started linking frames together within your own projects!