How Do You Add a Light Leak in Canva?

Adding light leak to your Canva designs can give it a creative and vintage look that’s hard to deny. It’s a great way to make your design stand out from the rest and really draw people in. But how do you add a light leak in Canva?

The first step is to find the perfect light leak for your design. You can find plenty of options for free online, or you can use a paid stock photo site for even more options. Once you’ve found the one you want, download it and open it up in Canva.

Once it’s opened up, create a new layer on top of your existing design. That way, any adjustments you make will only affect the light leak layer and not your original design. Then copy and paste the light leak onto this new layer.

Now you can adjust the size, brightness and opacity of the light leak layer until it looks just right with your design. You can also use blend modes to mix things up even further or try out some color combinations.

Finally, if you want to add a bit of texture to your light leak then try out some of Canva’s special effects such as grain or noise.

You can even add a vignette effect around the edges if you want to draw more attention to certain parts of your design.

Adding a light leak in Canva is quite easy once you know what steps are involved. All it takes is finding the perfect light leak, creating a new layer in Canva and then adjusting its size, brightness and opacity until it looks just right with your design. You can also use blend modes or add some special effects like grain or noise if desired, giving your designs an extra touch of creativity.