How Do You Align Elements in Figma?

Every designer needs to be able to align elements in their designs. Aligning elements in Figma is easy, but it can be tricky to get done quickly and accurately. In Figma, you can align elements horizontally and vertically by using the alignment tools on the right-hand side of the canvas. When you select two or more objects, you will see several alignment options that you can use to align them. You can align left, center, or right for horizontal alignment, and top, center, or bottom for vertical alignment. You can also use the magnet icon to snap the objects together so they stay aligned as you move them around the canvas. For more precise alignment, use the grid and/or ruler tool to make sure your objects are lined up perfectly.

Using Groups To Align Elements

You can also use groups to help you align elements quickly and accurately.

When two or more objects are grouped together, they will automatically be aligned with each other when moved around on the canvas. This is especially helpful when dealing with multiple objects that need to be aligned perfectly with each other. Just make sure all of your objects are inside of a group before dragging them around on the canvas!

Using Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Alignment

If you want to speed up your workflow even more, then take advantage of Figma’s keyboard shortcuts for quick alignment! By pressing Shift + A (macOS) or Ctrl + A (Windows), you will open up a menu where you can quickly select which type of alignment you want for your elements: left, center, right, top, bottom or just distribute them horizontally/vertically evenly in one click!


Aligning elements in Figma is simple but requires a bit of practice for accuracy and speed. By using the alignment tools available on the right-hand side of the canvas as well as groups and keyboard shortcuts it becomes much easier and faster for designers to get their designs looking perfect!