How Do You Animate a Dropdown in Figma?

Animating a dropdown in Figma is a great way to give your designs an extra bit of life and make them stand out from the crowd. With Figma’s powerful animation tools, you can create stunning dropdown animations that will add interest and depth to your designs.

To animate a dropdown in Figma, you will first need to create the dropdown itself. This is done by creating either a frame or an instance of a component.

Then, use the “Animate” feature in the right-hand panel to set up your animation. You can choose from various options such as “Fade In”, “Slide Up”, or even more complex animations like “Bounce” or “Zoom In”.

Once you have set up your animation, you can customize it further with the help of keyframes. With keyframes, you can create more precise and sophisticated animations that look great on screen. To add keyframes to your animation, select the frame or component you are animating and then click on the plus icon next to the “Animate” feature in the right-hand panel.

You can also use Figma’s easing functions to make your animations look even better. Easing functions allow you to control how quickly or slowly an element moves throughout its animation cycle. For example, if you want an element to move quickly at first and then slow down towards its destination point, you can use an easing function like “ease-in-out”.

Finally, once your animation is complete, it is important to style it properly so that it looks good on screen. You can do this by using styling features such as color picker and shadow effects from within Figma’s design tab.


Creating beautiful animations for dropdowns in Figma is easy with its powerful tools and features. From creating frames and components to adding keyframes and easing functions – all these steps are necessary for creating stunning dropdown animations that will give life and depth to your designs!