How Do You Blur Half Images in Canva?

Blurring half of an image in Canva is a great way to add a subtle, artsy feel to your design. This technique can be used for various purposes such as creating a dramatic effect for photos or drawing attention to certain parts of an image.

It also helps you create unique compositions that can make your design stand out.

Canva offers a variety of tools that allow you to blur half images easily and quickly. To start, open the image you want to blur in the editor.

Then, select ‘Effects’ from the left-hand menu and choose the ‘Blur’ option. You will then see two options – ‘Intensity’ and ‘Radius’ – which will allow you to adjust how much blurring is applied.

Next, click on the ‘Split View’ button at the top right corner of your canvas so that you can see both halves of the image side by side. This will allow you to apply different effects on each side. For example, if you want one half blurred and the other sharp, simply adjust the blur intensity and radius on one side and leave it untouched on the other.

You can also use Canva’s ‘Mask’ tool if you want to blur only part of an image rather than half. To use this tool, select ‘Mask’ from the left-hand menu and then choose ‘Radial or Linear Gradient’ from the drop-down menu. You can then adjust the size of your mask and drag it over whichever part of your image you want blurred.


Blurring half images in Canva is easy with its range of tools available in its editor. Whether you want to create a dramatic effect or draw attention to certain parts of an image, blurring half images is a great technique that will help make your design stand out.