How Do You Change Buttons in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design platform that enables users to create high-quality visuals with its intuitive interface. It has a wide range of features and tools, including the ability to customize the appearance of user interface elements, such as buttons.

Buttons are important for user experience, as they allow users to quickly and easily access information or perform an action. Changing buttons in Figma is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

To begin, open your Figma file and select the button you want to change. You can then click on the button’s styling tab on the right side of the screen. This tab will give you access to all of the formatting options available for that button, such as size, color, border radius and more.

Once you select an option, you can adjust it by using either the slider or typing in a numerical value. You can also choose from several preset styles like flat or 3D. Additionally, if you need to add more customization options, you can click on ‘Advanced’ which will open up additional settings.

It’s important to note that any changes made in Figma will be automatically applied across all devices, so make sure that your changes look good on all platforms before moving forward.

When your changes are complete, click the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of your screen. This will update your Figma file with your new button settings. Now all users who have access to this file will see your updated design.

Changing buttons in Figma is easy and can help make designs more attractive and user-friendly. With just a few clicks you can customize your buttons and make sure they look great across all devices.


In conclusion, changing buttons in Figma is quick and easy thanks to its intuitive interface and wide range of customization options available. All changes made are automatically applied across all devices so you don’t have to worry about making sure each platform has its own version of the design. With just a few clicks, you can customize your buttons for better user experience.