How Do You Chat on Figma?

Figma is one of the most popular collaborative design tools available on the market. It allows designers, developers, and product teams to create and share designs quickly and easily. But did you know that you can also use Figma to chat with other collaborators?

Figma has integrated chat functionality so you can communicate with your team in real-time without ever leaving the platform. Chatting in Figma is designed to be seamless and intuitive. All conversations are organized into threads for easy reference, and you can attach files, screenshots, or other media directly from within the chat window.

To get started chatting in Figma, first log into your account. Then open up any project or file from your dashboard. At the top of the page, you’ll see a “Chat” tab that opens up a chat window on the right side of the screen.

Once you have opened up the chat window, you’ll see all of your recent conversations listed at the top. You can start a new conversation by typing someone’s username or email address into the search bar at the bottom of this list. If they are not already part of your team, they will be prompted to join.

Once they have joined your team, they will appear in the list of participants at the top of the chat window. You can then type messages or drag and drop attachments directly into this window.

Figma also allows for threaded conversations, so if there are multiple topics being discussed in a single conversation, they can be broken up into different threads for easier reference later on.

Chatting in Figma is an easy and efficient way to collaborate with others on projects without having to leave the platform. With its threaded conversation feature and ability to drag-and-drop attachments directly into chats, it makes communicating with others even easier than ever before.

Conclusion: Chatting in Figma is an easy way for designers, developers and product teams to communicate quickly and efficiently while working on projects together. It has a streamlined interface that makes it simple to start conversations with others as well as organize them into threads for easy reference later on.