How Do You Copy a Drop Shadow in Figma?

Copying a drop shadow in Figma is a great way to quickly create a design that looks polished and professional. Drop shadows are one of the most popular graphic effects used in web and app designs, and they can be used to make elements stand out from the background or add depth to a design. Fortunately, Figma makes it easy to copy and paste drop shadows across multiple layers, saving you time when creating your designs.

The first step in copying a drop shadow in Figma is selecting the layer you want to apply the effect to. Once you have selected the layer, click on the ‘Effects’ icon at the top of the layer panel.

This will open up a list of effects that can be applied to the layer. Click on ‘Drop Shadow’ and then adjust your settings as needed. You can adjust things like opacity, blur radius, offset X/Y, and color.

Once you have your settings just right, click on the ‘Copy’ button at the bottom right corner of the panel. This will copy all of your settings for this particular drop shadow effect.

To paste this drop shadow onto another layer, simply select another layer and click on ‘Paste’. This will apply all of your previous settings onto that new layer.

You can also apply multiple drop shadows at once by using Figma’s ‘Group Effects’ feature. To do this, select all of the layers you want to apply a drop shadow effect to and then click on ‘Group Effects’ under ‘Effects’. Here you can adjust each setting individually or paste any previously copied effects directly into this group.

In conclusion, copying and pasting drop shadows in Figma is quick and easy thanks to its intuitive user interface. With just a few clicks you can save yourself time while still creating stunning designs with beautiful graphic effects.