How Do You Create an Instance of a Component in Figma?

Creating an instance of a component in Figma is a great way to quickly create multiple variations of the same design. By creating an instance of a component, designers can easily make changes to one item and have those changes propagate across all instances. This makes it easier to update designs, save time, and maintain consistency across projects.

In order to create an instance of a component in Figma, the first step is to create a Component. Components are pieces of design that are reusable and editable in Figma. When you create a Component, you can set an “Instance Name”. This will be the name that will appear when you duplicate the Component or when you want to edit it later on.

Once you have created your Component with an Instance Name, select it and hover over the “Actions” button at the top right corner of the canvas.

From there, select “Create Instance” from the drop-down menu. This will create a new instance with all of the same properties as your original Component, but with its own unique name.

You can now make changes to this new instance without affecting the original Component or any other instances that may exist. Any changes made to this instance will only apply to this particular one and not any other instances or the original Component itself.

When creating multiple instances of a single component, it is important to remember that each instance should have its own unique name so that they are easily distinguishable from one another. Additionally, if changes need to be made across all instances at once, designers can use Figma’s “Master Properties” feature which allows for quick updates across various components at once.


Creating and managing instances in Figma is a great way for designers to save time and keep their designs consistent across projects. In order to create an instance of a component in Figma, users must first create their original component with an Instance Name before selecting “Create Instance” from the Actions menu at the top right corner of their canvas.