How Do You Curve a Line in Figma?

It can be helpful to know how to curve a line in Figma when creating a design. Curving a line can give your designs a more organic look and feel, and it can also be an efficient way to create complex shapes. Fortunately, Figma makes curving lines easy, as the software offers several tools that you can use to achieve the desired shape.

To begin, select the object you want to curve in Figma’s canvas. You should see an edit box appear around the object with four small boxes at each corner of the edit box.

These are called “handles” and they control how curved or straight your line will be. To curve your line, click and drag one of the handles while keeping the other handle stationary. As you drag, you will see your line become more curved or rounded depending on which direction you are dragging.

If you want to further control the curvature of your line, you can use the Pen Tool in Figma. With this tool, you can create your own custom curves by adjusting various settings such as stroke width, tension, and smoothing. To access these settings, select “Edit Points” from the Pen Tool menu and then adjust each setting as desired.

Another way of curving lines in Figma is by using “Bezier Curves”. Bezier curves are created by manipulating two points (called anchors) along a path with two control handles that define how curved or straight it is between those points. To use Bezier curves in Figma simply select “Bezier Curve” from its menu and then manipulate its anchors with draggable handles until you achieve your desired shape.

Finally, if you want to quickly add a curved shape into your design without having to manually adjust each point or handle yourself then Figma also offers several pre-made shapes that are already curved for convenience such as circles and ovals as well as other shapes like stars or arrows which all have adjustable curvature parameters that can be adjusted with sliders in their settings panel.

In conclusion, creating curved lines in Figma is easy thanks to its various tools such as Handles, Pen Tool, Bezier Curves and Pre-made Shapes all of which provide users with different ways of achieving their desired results depending on their needs for accuracy or speed when designing their projects.

Conclusion: How Do You Curve a Line in Figma? Figma provides users with several tools for curving lines including Handles, Pen Tool, Bezier Curves and Pre-made Shapes which offer different levels of accuracy depending on what is needed for each individual project. This makes it easy for designers to quickly create complex shapes with ease while still having full control over how curved or straight their lines will be.