How Do You Highlight Objects in Canva?

Highlighting objects in Canva is an easy way to draw attention to specific items in your designs. Whether you’re creating a logo, a poster, or an invitation, it’s important that your design stands out and gets noticed.

Adding highlights to certain elements of your design is one way to achieve this.

Canva offers several ways to add highlights to your designs. The first and most obvious way is with color.

You can select the object you want to highlight and change its color, making it stand out from the rest of the design. You can also use gradients or patterns to further emphasize your object.

Another way to highlight objects in Canva is with shadows and glows. Shadows and glows are both used to give an object a 3D effect and make it stand out from the background. Shadows are typically used on photos or text boxes while glows are used on shapes or icons.

You can also add highlights by changing the size of an object. Making something larger than its surroundings will draw attention to it, while making something smaller will have a similar effect but may be more subtle.

Finally, you can add highlights with borders and outlines. This will help frame the object and make it stand out from its surroundings.

Highlighting objects in Canva is easy if you know how. You can use color, gradients, patterns, shadows & glows, size changes, or borders & outlines for added emphasis on certain objects in your design for maximum impact!