How Do You Make a Draggable Map in Figma?

How Do You Make a Draggable Map in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows users to create, prototype and collaborate in real-time. With Figma, you can easily create interactive, draggable maps that are both functional and visually appealing. Whether you’re building an app for navigation or creating a virtual tour for your website, making draggable maps with Figma is easy and straightforward.

First, start by opening up the Figma file of your choice. Next, add a frame to the document and resize it to the size of your map.

This can be done by either dragging the edges of the frame or typing specific dimensions into the resize box in the toolbar. Now it’s time to insert your map image into the frame. To do this, go to “File” > “Place Image”, then select your desired map image from your computer or other source and click “Open”.

Once you have inserted your map image into the frame, it’s time to make it draggable. To do this, select the frame containing your map image and click on the “Interactions” tab located at the top right corner of your window.

Then toggle on “Drag” from the list of available interactions. This will make your map image draggable within its containing frame when previewed or shared on the web.

Finally, if you want to customize how much of your map is visible when it is first loaded up, head over to “Properties” which is located next to “Interactions” in the top right corner of your window. Then adjust how much of your map is visible using either Percentages or Pixels as units of measurement as seen in this image below:

Now you are ready to share and preview your draggable map with others! You can share a read-only version with colleagues via link or embed it onto any webpage using an iframe tag.


: Making a draggable map in Figma is simple and straightforward – all you need to do is add a frame containing an inserted map image followed by enabling Drag from Interactions tab found at top right corner of window. Once enabled, users can share their draggable maps via link or embed them onto webpages using an iFrame tag for others to view and interact with live!