How Do You Make a GIF on Figma Prototype?

GIFs are an essential part of the contemporary digital landscape. They’re used to convey information quickly and effectively, making them invaluable for website design and user interface prototyping. But how do you make a GIF on Figma Prototype?

The good news is that Figma has a dedicated GIF creation feature that makes it easy to create GIFs from your prototypes. To get started, open the prototype in Figma and select the ‘Export’ option from the top toolbar.

Next, select ‘GIF’ from the pop-up menu and select either ‘All Frames’ or ‘Selected Frames’. If you choose ‘All Frames’, all frames in your prototype will be exported as a single GIF file. If you choose ‘Selected Frames’, you can select which frames you want to include in your GIF.

Once you’ve selected your frames, click on the ‘Settings’ button to specify the loop type, frame rate, size and other options for your GIF. You can also customize the background color for your GIF by clicking on the ‘Background Color’ button.

When you’re happy with the settings for your GIF, click on ‘Export’ to generate it. Your GIF will be saved as a file which can be used in websites or applications.


Creating a GIF on Figma Prototype is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is open the prototype in Figma, select ‘GIF’ from the Export menu, specify settings such as loop type and frame rate, customize background color if needed and click ‘Export’. Your finished GIF will be saved as a file which can be used in websites or applications.