How Do You Make an Accordion in Figma?

Figma is a powerful vector design tool that enables you to create user interfaces and websites quickly and easily. It is well-suited for creating accordions, which are often used in web designs to organize large amounts of content into smaller, more manageable sections. In this article, we’ll cover how to create an accordion in Figma.

Step 1: Create a Frame

The first step to creating an accordion in Figma is to create a frame. This frame will act as the container for the accordion elements.

To do this, select the Rectangle Tool from the toolbar and draw a rectangle on the canvas. Using the Properties panel on the left side of the canvas, you can adjust the size of your frame.

Step 2: Add Elements

Once you have your frame in place, it’s time to add elements to it. Begin by adding two rectangles to your frame, one for each section of your accordion. You can use the Properties panel on the left side of the canvas to adjust the size and position of these rectangles.

Step 3: Add Buttons

Next, add two buttons at either end of each rectangle. These buttons will be used to open and close each section of your accordion. To do this, select the Button Tool from the toolbar and click on each rectangle to add a button at either end.

Step 4: Add Icons

Now that you have your buttons in place, add two icons next to each button—one for opening and one for closing. To do this, select an icon from Figma’s library or upload one from your computer using the Upload Image option under File > Upload Image.

Step 5: Style Buttons & Icons

Finally, style your buttons and icons using Figma’s styling options such as color, shadows, gradients etc., so that they look attractive and match with other elements in your design.

< p >< b > Conclusion : Creating an accordion in Figma is easy with its intuitive interface and powerful tools. Just follow these steps – create a frame; add elements; add buttons; add icons; style buttons & icons – and you’ll be able to make beautiful accordions quickly and easily!