How Do You Organize Figma Pages?

Organizing Figma pages is an important step in creating a successful design workflow. It helps you keep track of your projects, and makes it easier to find and reuse elements across different designs.

Knowing how to organize your pages can save time, energy, and frustration in the long run.

The first step to organizing Figma pages is to create a structure that works for you. You’ll want to think about how your designs will be organized, and how they will interact with each other.

Consider naming conventions for each page, so that you’ll be able to easily find them when needed. This could include using descriptive titles like “Homepage” or “Product Listing” for each page.

Once you have a structure in place, it’s time to start adding elements. You can add text boxes, shapes, images, and more to create your design. Be sure to group similar items together on the same page—this will help keep things organized and easy to find later on.

When working with multiple designs within a single project, it can be helpful to use nested frames. This allows you to keep elements grouped together in an organized way while still keeping them separate from other parts of the design.

Keep It Consistent

When organizing Figma pages it’s important to keep things consistent across all of your projects. Establishing a standard set of guidelines—such as naming conventions or color schemes—will help ensure that all of your designs look unified and easy to navigate.


Using labels is also a great way to stay organized in Figma.

Labels are tags that can be applied to any element or group of elements so that they are easily identifiable later on. This makes it easier for both yourself and other members of the team when searching for specific elements or groups.

Organization Tools

Figma also offers several tools that can help make organization even easier. The Pages panel provides an overview of all the pages in your project as well as their layers and components, making navigation quick and effortless.

Organizing Figma pages can be a daunting task but with the right approach it can help streamline the design process significantly! By creating a structure, grouping related items together on one page, using labels and nested frames, and taking advantage of Figma’s organization tools like the Pages panel – you’ll have no trouble keeping all your projects neat and tidy!