How Do You Put a Canva Ad on Instagram?

Canva Ads are a great way to promote your business, product, or service on Instagram. With Canva Ads, you can create beautiful visuals that will catch the attention of your audience and stand out from other posts in their feed. By putting your Canva Ad on Instagram, you can reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

Creating a Canva Ad is simple and straightforward.

First, go to the Canva Ads page and select “Create an Ad”. You’ll then be able to choose from a range of templates to customize with your own text, images, and logos. Once you’ve designed your ad, you can preview it before submitting it for review. To ensure that your ad meets the criteria set by Instagram, be sure to read their terms of service before submitting.

After creating your ad in Canva, you can put it on Instagram in several ways. The easiest way is to upload the image directly from Canva into your post or story. You can also save the image as an MP4 video for a story post or link the image to an external website in order to track clicks.

The next step is to configure the settings for your ad. You’ll need to decide who will see it (age range, gender, location), when they will see it (daily budget and duration), how much you want them to spend (cost per click/view) and what action you want them to take (clicking on a link or purchasing a product). Once these settings are configured, you’ll be ready to launch your ad.

Putting a Canva Ad on Instagram is an effective way to promote yourself or your business online. With its easy-to-use design tools and Targeted advertising options, you can create ads that will capture the attention of potential customers and help grow your business.

Conclusion: To put a Canva Ad on Instagram, first create an ad using the easy-to-use design tools in Canva’s Ads page. Then save it as an MP4 video or link it externally if desired.

Configure settings such as age range/gender/location/daily budget/duration/cost per click/view before launching it on Instagram. With this method you’ll be able to reach more customers and increase brand awareness.