How Do You Resize a Frame in Figma With Content?

Resizing frames in Figma is a great way to quickly adjust the layout of elements on your canvas. It is an essential tool for those who want to create a design that is responsive, flexible, and look great on all devices. Figma has made it easy to resize frames with content, allowing you to adjust the size of your elements without affecting their content.

To resize a frame in Figma with content, select the frame you want to resize and then drag any of its four corners or edges. You can also use the Transform Panel at the top left corner of your screen to adjust the size by entering exact values for width and height. When resizing with content, make sure that the ‘Scale Contents’ option is checked in order for all elements inside the frame to be resized accordingly.

When using ‘Scale Contents’, you’ll notice that all elements inside your frame will be rescaled proportionally. This means that if you change one dimension (width or height), all other dimensions will be adjusted accordingly. This ensures that the design looks consistent across different screen sizes.

If you want more control over how elements are resized inside a frame, you can use ‘Transform’ or ‘Group Resize’ options found in the Inspector Panel at the right side of your screen. The Transform option allows you to enter exact values for each element inside a frame while Group Resize allows you to scale multiple elements at once. Both features provide an even greater level of control when customizing your design.


Figma makes it easy to resize frames with content without affecting their overall design quality and consistency across different screens. To do this, simply select the frame and drag its corners or edges or use Transform Panel options such as Scale Contents, Transform, and Group Resize. With these features, you can easily adjust sizes and proportions of elements within a single frame or across multiple frames at once.