How Do You Rotate in Figma 3D?

Figma 3D is a powerful tool for creating 3D designs. It has become popular with designers, especially those who want to create mockups, prototypes, and other visuals quickly and easily. Figma 3D allows users to rotate their designs in three dimensional space, giving them the ability to view their work from any angle they desire.

Rotating objects in Figma 3D is easy and straightforward. To begin, select the object you want to rotate by clicking on it with your mouse.

Then click the “Rotation” button located in the top right corner of the window. This will open up a dialog box where you can enter the degrees you want your object to rotate by. You can also choose whether you want it to move clockwise or counterclockwise around its axis using the “Direction” drop-down menu.

Once you have entered the desired rotation angle, click on the “Rotate” button at the bottom of this dialog box. This will cause your object to rotate according to your parameters. You can also use your mouse wheel or arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate your object in small increments without opening up the “Rotation” dialog box every time.

Another way you can rotate objects in Figma 3D is by using its “Gizmo Tool” located at the top of the window next to the “Move” tool. Clicking on this tool gives you access to three different axes (X, Y and Z) which allow you to manually adjust how much each axis should be rotated by dragging its handle around with your mouse cursor. This makes it easier for users who want more precise control over their rotations than what is available through just entering a degree value into a dialog box.


How Do You Rotate in Figma 3D? Rotating objects in Figma 3D is easy and straightforward; simply select an object and press ‘Rotation’ button located in top right corner then enter desired degrees or use Gizmo Tool for more precise control over rotation angles using X, Y and Z axes handles with mouse cursor.