How Do You Share Assets in Figma?

Sharing assets in Figma is an easy and efficient way to get files to your team members quickly and easily. It allows for collaboration, feedback, and organization of files for everyone on the project. Figma has several ways to share assets, each with their own benefits.

The first way to share assets is through a Link Sharing feature. This allows you to generate a link that you can send to anyone with whom you would like to share the asset. This link will allow them direct access to the asset without needing to log into your account or download the file.

It also allows anyone with the link to make changes and updates, so it’s great for collaborative projects.

The second way is by using Figma’s collaboration feature. With this feature, you can invite specific collaborators into a project space where they can view, comment on, and make changes directly in the asset without having access to your account or downloading any files. This is great for larger projects where multiple people need access and/or have different roles in making changes or updates.

The third way is through downloading the file itself. You can export an asset from Figma as an image or PDF file that can be downloaded by anyone who has access to it. This option is great if you need a physical copy of the asset for print use or just want a backup of what was created in Figma.


Figma provides several ways to share assets easily and efficiently with team members or other collaborators – Link Sharing, Collaboration Features, and Downloading Files – each with their own distinct benefits when it comes to working on projects together.