How Do You Use Resources in Figma?

Using resources in Figma is an important part of the design process. Resources are components, including images, text, and buttons, that can be used to create a design. By using resources, designers can save time and ensure consistency across different designs.

When using resources in Figma, the first step is to select a resource from the library. The library is made up of a selection of images, text, and components that have been uploaded or created by the user. Once a resource is selected, it can be dragged and dropped into the design canvas.

This will add the resource to the design canvas as a component for further editing.

When working with components in Figma, it’s important to remember that they are editable elements rather than static images. This means that they can be resized and modified as needed without losing any of their original properties or features. For example, if an image was added to the design canvas as a component, it could be resized or rotated without having to re-upload it.

In addition to editing existing components in Figma, designers can create their own custom components. These components can include elements such as icons, text boxes, buttons, and more. Custom components are great for creating unique designs that are tailored specifically for each project.

Finally, when working with resources in Figma it’s important to remember that different elements will behave differently depending on how they are used in the design canvas. For example, some elements may be responsive while others may not be able to resize or move around on smaller screens.


Resource usage in Figma allows designers to quickly create consistent designs with minimal effort while also giving them the ability to customize their designs with unique elements such as icons and text boxes. By understanding how different elements behave differently within the design canvas designers can take full advantage of all of the features available within Figma’s resource library for maximum efficiency and effectiveness when creating their designs.